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Ali Iskandar Al-Ansari & Sons - AIAS Company group is owned by the family of Mr. Ali Iskandar Al-Ansari. The main company, Ali Iskandar Al-Ansari & Sons, was established in 1963.

Ali Iskandar Al Ansari & Partners Co. is one of the premier transportation and heavy equipment companies operating in Qatar. AIAP focusing on three major areas of business:, transportation of construction materials, the leasing of heavy equipment that will support major infrastructure projects in Qatar, and a full fledge service center to cater to the heavy equipment fleet owned by the formed company, as well as to the fleet of other third party companies.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Suhaim Al-Thani - Sheikh Mohammed Bin Suhaim Al-Thani has served as the Chairman of QTEL International since 2007, a newly established subsidiary of Qatar Telecom.

CAPIVEST is an Investment Bank based in Bahrain with a growing regional and international presence, Capivest provides a diverse range of innovative investments and financial services.

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